Speakers Bureau

Noise in RF MEMS Circuits and Tunable Filters

Prof. Kamran Entesari

Texas A&M University,

Tel: 979-845-9586

RF MEMS switches have become a popular choice for reconfigurable circuits due to their high performance. MEMS switch banks, phase shifters and tunable filters developed over the last decade show promise in realizing miniature reconfigurable radios of tomorrow. However, as devices are scaled to...


Micromachined Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuit Design

Professor Shiban Kishen Koul

Vice ChairCenter for Applied Research in Electronics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz Khas, Room No. 320, Block III, New Delhi , 110016, India

Tel: 91 11 26591104 (O)

Fax: 91 11 26512059 (H)

Micromachining has been applied to microwave and millimeter wave field to create low loss and high performance passive/active components and antennas. In this talk, starting from Modeling of transmission lines and discontinuities, design procedure to realize passive components will be presented...


New Directions in MEMS for RF Front-Ends and Sensors

Prof. Dimitrios Peroulis

Purdue University,

Tel: 765-494-3491

RF MEMS switches and varactors are the conventional devices commonly employed to tune the response of a large variety of circuits and antennas. Despite their many advantages, important limitations still exist today in consistently building reliable MEMS structures, high-performance...


RF MEMS Devices Using Piezoelectric Thin Films

Dr. Ronald G. Polcawich

US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD , 20783,

Tel: 301-394-1275

Piezoelectricity is an extremely important physical phenomenon and in ceramic form has been widely used in sensors, actuators, and transducers. Piezoelectric thin film applications have been limited in the past with a majority of efforts emphasizing lower performance materials such as ZnO and...


Three Dimensional Millimeter Wave Circuits

Dr. Robert J. Reid

Antenna Technology Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory, Hanscom AFB, MA , 01731,

Tel: (781) 377-1077

This presentation covers the design and realization of microwave and millimeter-wave circuits using three dimensional metal micro-machining processes. Circuits fabricated using these process have several advantages over competing technologies. One particularly important advantage is the ability...